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No Mt Vic Super D for 2016

18 Jan 2016 12:59 PM | Dave

We have the announcement surrounding the future of the Mt Vic Super D.

Since it’s conception in 2011, this event has become a Wellington staple. So, it is with great regret that we have decided to pull the pin for 2016.

Running large scale events on Mt Victoria was always very difficult due largely to it being a huge logistical exercise, its central location and increasing concerns from the public.

Instead, we are working with the lads at Dirt Merchants to make this year's Polhill Enduro epic. The kids’ Mini D, previously part of the Mt Vic event, will shift to Polhill. More details in the coming weeks.

But, to kick off 2016, we have the Escape from Mt Crawford event: http://wmtbc.org.nz/event-2129642

We'd like to thank everyone for supporting the Mt Vic Super D over the years. Without the support of volunteers and local businesses, these events can't happen. So, cheers!


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