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Getting into Trail Building

Trail building is a core part of the club's activities. It is also a really fun way to get to involved with the sport, meet club members and contribute back to the sport. 

With an existing trail project

Finding a dig

Most club digs are advertised via Facebook. All of our major projects have their own facebook pages that the trail leaders use to promote their project. 
Typically, a trail leader will create a new Facebook event which will be open entry. Simply join that event and you will be notified of any updates. 

What to bring and wear

The club will typically supply the tools, and sometimes a refreshment. 
For your own safety and enjoyment, we suggest you bring/wear
  • Sturdy shoes (in winter, we strongly recommend gumboots).
    We advise against riding shoes, especially XC/race style clip shoes. You need to be wear something that you are confident you have plenty of grip on slippery slopes and offer protection from rocks and dirt you will be chipping away.  
  • Sunscreen
  • Jacket
  • Water
  • Gloves
    Some of our projects have gloves you can use, but having your own is better. Cheap work gloves are ideal. 

When you get to the dig

There will always be at least 1 trail leader. Introduce yourself to them. They will have a health and safety sheet that they will run you through. You will need to provide an emergency contact and sign in on this sheet. 

Starting a new project

Starting a new trail building project is a large undertaking. The club is always open to talking to anyone who is looking to start a new project, and we have a large number of experienced trail builders who can help you get your project started.

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