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Escape from Mt Crawford: Mini Enduro, Sufferfest Hill Climb and Kids Mini D

  • 23 Jan 2016
  • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Miramar Track Project


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The 5th Annual Escape from Mt Crawford is back!

The annual fundraiser for the Miramar Track Project is on again.

  • We are going to run the Sufferfest first, in attempt to completely destroy you for the Enduro afterwards, we'll get the hill climb out of the way before the enduro runs start
  • Mini Enduro will all classes get 3 timed runs. Lowest overall for 3 timed runs wins. Look out for some course changes this year.
  • Under 19 Class for Felony only. If you are under 19 on race day, then you can opt in for this new class. We are offering the U19 for the Felony class only (as Misdemeanour tends to have a smaller field, and the U19's do well in this class anyway). 
  • We will NOT be using Conviction as a descent, we have something new and special planned. 

Event 1: Escape from Mt Crawford (mini) Enduro

2 classes, with different tracks. Each racer gets 3 timed runs, lowest overall time for 3 completed runs wins. 

There will be two classes both will use all trails in the reserve. Misdemeanour will not use either Solitary or Bread and Water (the skid line up by the prison). 
  1. Misdemeanour - all runs of a slightly easier nature
  2. Felony -  all runs on more technical tracks 
  3. Felony Under 19 - Under 19 on race day. 

At the end of each run, there will be an non-timed liaison stage back up  to the start of the course. No shuttles. You can ride, push, crawl or carry to the top. Using a private shuttle, or using any other means to get to the start line at the top of the hill is an instant DSQ.

No practice runs on the day.

Event 2: Sufferfest Hill Climb

Your race fee also includes entry to the Sufferfest Hill Climb. Note competing in this event is optional. 

The Sufferfest Hill Climb is for the truly insane. The race starts at the bottom of Jail Brake and heads all the way up. There will be no re routing around obstacles. 

NO Practising the Hill Climb before the event. Practising Hill Climbs on Jail Brake before the event is an instant DSQ.

Event 3: Kids Mini D (for little rippers 12 and under)

Starting at the prison, the Mini D course will go around the prison, down the prison road, through the Duel Slalom (you choose your line), then all the way down Juvie, to finish where it meets with conviction.

The entire course is Grade 2.

Enter on the day for the Mini D - $2 only. Registration at the Prison between 11:30 and 12:30. Race starts at 1pm (or after the final starter in the enduro.). 

King And Queen Of The Hill

2 events, 1 bike. 

Compete in both the enduro (Felony class) and hill climb and you will receive points towards the King and Queen Of The Hill Challenge. You must use the same bike for all 2 events.

Late Entries. 

There are on the day entries, but you must be registered before 9:30am and bring exact change in cash only. On the day entries are $40.

Event timetable. 

8:00am - Gate open and Sufferfest Hill Climb Registration
8:45am - Sufferfest Hill Climb registrations closes.
9:00am - Sufferfest Hill Climb starts.
9:30am - Mini Enduro Late entries close. No more entries after this time.
9:45am - Registration closes
10:00am - Mini Enduro Race briefing - all riders must attend (or run the risk of getting lost on the course and a DNF)
10:15am - Race Runs start. This year Felony class will go first, followed by Misdemeanour
1:00pm ish - Race runs complete (dependent on field size)
1:30pm (or 15 mins after last Enduro run) Kids Mini D race briefing and race start.
2:00pm ish - Prizegiving for all events.
4:00pm - Gate locked.

We are starting early so that if we get a significant number of entries we can push the end time out. If there are updates to the timetable during the day, this will be announced over the PA and printed on the board at the registration desk.

Event Facilities

There will be a bbq with sausages (meat and vege) and hashbrowns. Bottled water and canned drinks also available. Everything off the BBQ is $2. 

Please note there is no water tap on site. 

A portaloo will be present for the day. 

All proceeds to Miramar Trail Project track building. 

Thanks to all our participants over the last couple of years we have been able to purchase an electric wheel barrow and a rock barrow for use in Miramar and by other WMTBC track projects. 

This year all funds raised will go towards the pump track. WCC are going to pay for some reworking, and we are going to look at surfacing the track after this is done. Yup that is right, tar-seal, hot mix, asphalt what ever you want to call it. We will be doing a funding application for this, but every $ we raise helps us towards this. The expected cost is going to be upwards of $50k. 

Refunds & Cancellation Policy.

In the event that you are no longer able to attend (and notify us by the friday prior to the event) or the event is cancelled due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances – we are unable to provide refunds, so instead we will credit your WMTBC account. You can use the credit to pay for future events, WMTBC membership or as a donation to Wellington trails.

Event terms & conditions

1) I agree to wear a NZ Safety Standards approved helmet at all times whilst riding my bike on both race runs and liaison stages.
2) I accept the risks inherent in mountain biking and will not hold the event organisers or landowner liable for any damages.
3) If you need to stop on a trail, pull to the side and ensure both you and your bike are well off the trail.
4) If you injure yourself or come across an injured rider, if it is serious, you or another rider must notify one of the event staff immediately.
5) I agree to abide by all rules set out by the Wellington Mountain bike Club Inc.
NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age, you need your parent or guardian to sign/agree to the event waiver on your behalf at event registration on the day.

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