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Mt Victoria Trails

Mt Vic has always been a hub for mountain biking in Wellington. Over the years Mt Vic has hosted numerous events including World Cup and National XC rounds, 12 hour endurance races, Super D and even the World Unicycling DH Champs. 

Club members have been building trails on Mt Vic for over 10 years. Some of the recent activities include:
  • The Super D Ridgeline track - including Hippy's Trail and Rod's Drop
  • TTS
In August 2012 the WMTBC agreed with the WCC to take on the oversight of trail building and maintenance of MTB trails on Mt Vic. This effort was being coordinated by WMTBC Committee Member and former Makara Peak President, Steve Wallace till winter 2014 and is now being lead by Mt Vic's biggest fan, Rod Bardsley. 

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