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  • 27 Jan 2023 12:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dusty Trails (at last)

    Welcome to summer! It finally feels like the weather has joined the programme, and summer is here with a vengeance. The trails are dusty, and we're just about to kick into the 2023 Wellington Enduro Series. Our first event is running this weekend, and if you've been on the fence (or on holiday elsewhere), there are still a few entries available.

    We've also got entries open for the second round of the season - the BAMBAduro. And finally, the Capital Enduro is coming to Mākara Peak on the 11th and 12th of February, and is looking for volunteers to help out. More details below

    All events run by the Wellington MTB Club are fund raisers for the areas we race in. The club keeps $5 from each entry, and after costs all the remaining proceeds go to the trail areas. This means that there's between two and five grand going to volunteer trail groups to maintain and build more of the trails we love. So come out and enjoy a great day on the trails, grab a sausage afterwards, and bank some of that lovely karma. See you on the trails! 

    Queen Liz Commiserduro

    The first round in the 2023 Wellington Enduro Series is on at Mākara Peak this weekend. We've got a great course for both hard and easy course, and with the newly opened upper Pōhatu section, there will be some great racing.

    The course has just been announced, and it'll be a blast on a heap of new and old-school tracks.

    May be an image of map and text that says "(3) Shared Track Zacs (7) Hard Track Varleys (6) Hard Track Vertigo (2) Shared Track Pohatu (4) Hard Track Lower Starfish (1) Easy Track SWIGG (5) Hard Track Lower Leaping Lizard 1-Int 3-Int 3- 4 -SWIGG Hard-Pohatu Hard- Zacs Hard- Lower Starfish Hard -Lower Leaping Lizard Vertigo Hard Varleys 6- 7-"

    If you want to enter, we've got a few spaces available at the Welly MTB Club website. If you've already entered, and want to change the course you're racing, drop us an email at president@wmtbc.org.nz and we'll sort you out.

    See you Saturday morning!


    The team at BAMBA have been hard at work upgrading the Wētā trail (and keeping the grass under control) in anticipation of the 2023 edition of the BAMBAduro, which will be held on the 19th of February. Entries are available now at the Welly MTB Club Website, with the usual discount for club/Trails Wellington members. 

    And with a February date, there's a 37% greater change that we'll miss the semi-regular super-slick trails. In any case, the sausages and coke afterwards will be the perfect compliment for the "I would have been faster if..." banter. We hope to see you there.

    Capital Enduro Seeking Volunteers

    The Capital Enduro is coming to town on the 11th and 12th of February. It's going to be a great weekend of racing, and we'll be showing some of our best trails in Karori to racers from all over the country. The organisers hope to build this into a Enduro World Cup event, so look to see a lot more here.

    Intrinsic events who are organising the race are looking for volunteers to help on the day (there's an easy race on the Saturday, and Hard on the Sunday). If you're available, or you've always wanted to see the country's fastest racers on the trails that you ride, this is your chance. Volunteers will receive a merch kit from one of the sponsors, a good packed lunch, and refreshments on return to the race village. If you're able to help, please pop your details into the volunteer registration form, and the organisers will be back in contact.

  • 18 Jun 2021 10:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi everyone. Many of you will have seen or heard about the launch of Trails Wellington a couple of weeks back, and might have questions about what it means for the Club and the things we do.

    If you’re late for a ride and don’t have time to read everything, the TL;DR is the Wellington MTB Club is partnering with Trails Wellington. Our memberships will be run through Trails Wellington, who will also provide trail funding for projects across the city. Together, we’ll all make epic trails for Wellington. Now get going – the rain will only hold off for so long, and you can read the rest when you get back.

    The Wellington MTB Club is stoked to have Trails Wellington as a partner, and have been really pleased with the work funded by Trails Wellington so far, including the rebuild of Jailbrake in Miramar and Serendipity in Waimapihi/Polhill and the work underway now on North Face in Mākara Peak and Hippy’s/Super D on Mount Victoria. We’re also working with Trails Wellington on a bunch of other stuff, including the much-needed growth in tech trails around the city.

    Trails Wellington has a vision of creating epic Wellington trails. Trails Wellington is a registered trust, and will fund trail development in Wellington City (with plans to expand across the Wellington region). It aims to bring together a strong voice for mountain bikers across Wellington with Council and land owners, reflecting the huge number of people who live in the Wellington region and love riding its trail network.

    Land owners such as councils listen to collective voices, and the larger our collective, the more we’ll be listened to. Trails Wellington is about giving mountain bikers a clear voice, advocating for trails and trail access. It’s through this voice that we’ll gain approval for great new trails, and continue improvements to the existing trail network.

    During the past 20 years, the Wellington MTB Club has built trails all around the city, managed hundreds of predator traps, and planted over 50,000 trees, timed thousands of runs at our events, raised and donated more than $100,000 to trail areas, and grown to represent you and 599 other members. Imagine what we could do if there were 3000 of us? We think that the Club partnering with Trails Wellington will be great for the trails, and that it’ll be great for you too.

    So how will the club and Trails Wellington work together? 

    We’ve delegated responsibility for a membership front-door and trails funding to Trails Wellington. On the former, you might have seen the recently launched app . The app is where you manage your membership. By joining Trails Wellington for just $30 per annum, you’ll automatically be joined to the Wellington MTB Club, and be added as a Mākara Peak Supporter. This will mean you get all the benefits of Club membership (discounted entry to events, CyclingNZ affiliation if you want to race nationally, and plenty of karma for supporting trails). 

    In addition, the Trails Wellington app has a great bunch of deals for members that will give you discounts at supporting retailers across Wellington, including stuff for your bike, care for your body, and beer for your belly. And you’ll know the money from membership will go toward building great new trails across Wellington.

    Will the Wellington Mountain Bike Club continue?

    Definitely. Our core mission is to grow the sport of mountain biking, to advocate for and build great trails to ride, and to provide you all with great experiences. We’ll continue doing all of these.

    We’re still involved with trail development via the Miramar Track Project, Mt Vic Trails Mystic Portal and Brooklyn Trail Builders. We’re still going to run our enduro series, DH races, first aid and other events for you all. We’ll still be donating the proceeds of our races to the trails we use for these events. There’s a lot of work to be done, and it’s great to have Trails Wellington joining the team.

    How will the club be represented at Trails Wellington?

    Trails Wellington will have a minimum of two trustees appointed from the Wellington MTB Club. We’re elbows-deep in collaborating with Trails Wellington on trail upgrades in the areas we look after and plans for new trails around the city. Trails Wellington will also have a representative who attends Club committee meetings.

    So how will it all work?

    • If you’re not a current member of the Wellington MTB Club - download the Trails Wellington app from the Apple App or Google Play Stores, create an account, pay for your membership (you can include a donation at the same time if you wish), and you’ll be underway. You’ll receive a follow-up email from the Wellington MTB Club with details on setting a password in our system.
    • If you’re a current member of the Wellington MTB Club - download the Trails Wellington app from the Apple App or Google Play Stores and create an account. If you want to support trail development further, pay the membership fee. If you want your current WMTBC membership to be transferred, please let us know at president@wmtbc.org.nz, and we’ll sort out getting your Trails Wellington account activated.
    • Get out there and enjoy riding with your banked karma – the Wellington MTB Club and Trails Wellington have an aligned vision – epic trails in Wellington city, and a strong voice for mountain bikers. Your support will help; welcome to the team.

    What if I’ve still got some questions?

    We want to hear from you. You'll be able to contribute to the discussion on our Facebook page, or feel free to drop us an email at president@wmtbc.org.nz.

    See you on the trails,

    Jono Baddiley
    Wellington MTB Club President

  • 28 Aug 2019 5:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s nearly September, which means that the annual general meeting of the Wellington MTB Club is imminent! We've also got a brief update below on Te Ahumairangi (Tinakori Hill). 

    Join us: Tuesday 3 September, 6:00-7:30pm at the Southern Cross, Abel Smith St 

    The AGM will be from 6:30pm at the Southern Cross bar on Abel Smith St. We’ve got the private room out the back booked, and will be providing nibbles throughout the night. We've set aside the first 30mins from 6pm for food, drink, and banter. The formalities themselves will be blessedly brief. We’ll have a report from the Committee on the past year, an end of financial year statement, and election of officers. This is a free event, no registration necessary. 

    you could make a difference.

    This year, Jono Baddiley and Jo Goudie will again be standing for (respectively) President and Secretary, but we welcome other parties to these roles if interested. But after many years of invaluable club support, Karin Mackie will be stepping down as Treasurer, so we’re looking for someone willing to help with club finances.

    Could you be our new Treasurer?

    We'd love to hear from you if you have any previous experience in a similar role or if professionally, you manage finances in some capacity. We're ideally seeking someone who is experienced with MYOB or similar financial system. A laptop is also provided with this role.

    The club runs on the effort of our volunteers, and the committee is central to much of this. We’ve got openings for people that are able to help in the following non-executive roles.

    Event Coordinators

    We run a number of events throughout the season, generally between January and May. The committee provides good support for these events so that no one person needs to take the event on by themselves. But, one person generally does need to take the lead coordinating role.

    We're seeking individuals who would like to have more of a hand in coordinating events in the 2019/20 season. It's super rewarding and due to the resources and experience behind the committee, it's more straight forward than you may think. You need to be reasonably mature and very organised. Previous planning experience is preferable but not essential.

    Community Manager

    The Club maintains a number of relationships with local community groups and businesses. Communication with these organisations is important to add value for our members, ensure the organisations are well represented in our activities, and to identify new opportunities for collaboration e.g. events and work parties. We're looking for someone to act as a liaison between the committee and these organisations. As a representative for the Club, a degree of professionalism is required in addition to good communications skills.

    Social Media Manager

    Our Facebook, Instagram and email channels are important ways that we connect with club members and the wider MTB community. After many years helping with this role, Aidan is stepping down to become a part time architect, and we’re looking for someone able to help with newsletters, photographs from our events, and generally being "down with the kids".

    We'll be asking for nominations (including self-nominations) for these roles at the AGM. However, feel free to drop us an email if you'd like to get in early or if you have any questions. Email: secretary@wmtbc.org.nz

    Te Ahumairangi update aka Snail update

    By now you’ve probably seen a story, or the extensive discussion on Facebook about an unauthorised trail that was built on Te Ahumairangi (Tinakori Hill), endangering a rare snail habitat. If you haven’t, this story on Radio NZ provides a reasonable summary.

    The club recently organised a planting day up on the hill to put in 200 seedlings where the unauthorised trail had been built. This isn’t something that we do lightly – we’ve been advocating for greater MTB access to Te Ahumairangi for the past 5 years, and opening up access, not closing it down is our goal. 

    Unauthorised trail building puts our discussions with the Wellington City Council and other land managers back significantly. In this case, it has put those discussions back to a degree that brought national media coverage.

    Trails such as this one jeopardise trail access all across the city, not just on Te Ahumairangi. Right now, we’re lobbying for grade 5 trails on Johnston’s Hill, and a long loop in Te Kopahau, so we have to maintain a long term view.

    Getting new trails built takes a long time – often we spend longer asking and negotiating for access than we spend building the trail, but the effort is worth it. All we ask is that if there’s a trail that you would really like to build, or features or changes that you want added to a trail, please come and talk to us first.

    See you all Tuesday at the Southern Cross.

  • 27 Apr 2019 11:49 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Starting soon, volunteer teams led by the Brooklyn Trail Builders will begin Winter planting in the Polhill Reserve, and over 3,000 new trees are expected in the ground before the end of the season.

    There will be a concerted focus on planting a diverse range of trees alongside the new downhill track (working name ‘Ikigai’). In addition to protecting the track from the weather and stabilising its banks, this planting will provide nourishment for the local bird life and support the Trail Builders' mission of replenishing Polhill's original forest.

    There are also several other sites around Polhill that volunteer groups will be focusing on, such as Brooklyn Primary School who will be continuing their great work planting around the top of Sawmill track.

    This Winter will see a big push to return 450 more nikau palms into Polhill’s many gullies. An additional benefit of the new downhill track is that it provides good access to many new locations for these nikau groves. While the palms will be initially quite small, your grandkids will enjoy watching them grow much larger.

    Keen to help?

    New volunteers are always welcome to help. Many hands makes light work, and planting new trees is a very rewarding experience. Keep an eye on Brooklyn Trail Builders Facebook page for information about planting bees.

  • 01 Jun 2018 2:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Spuds is open for business, and work continues...

    Work continues on the new descending mountain bike priority trail in Polhill, tentatively named Spuds (www.trailforks.com/trails/spuds). 

    The first section which connects Sanctuary Fenceline and Highbury Fling is open now for your enjoyment. Tweaks are continually being made to the flow and alignment, so keep an eye out for people and equipment on the trail. 

    Work on the next section has commenced below Transient, and will steadily make its way toward Serendipity over the Winter months. 

    A reminder that there are usually organised digs on a Wednesday 12.30 to 1.30pm and on Sundays 2pm to 4pm (with a BBQ and Garage Project beer incentive at the end!). Keep an eye on the BTB Facebook page for updates.

    Sincere thanks to all volunteers and supporters for getting us this far!

    Brooklyn Trail Builders and Justin Lester at Polhill

    vision for an iconic new loop

    As part of the consultation process for Wellington City Council’s 10-year-plan, BTB presented its vision for the future: an iconic 42km loop between Aro Street and the South Coast, via Te Kopahou Reserve and Spooky Gully. 

    This will be a long process. But rest assured, we'll keep you abreast of developments as they come to hand. 

    winter tree planting in polhill

    Planning is well underway for Winter tree planting in Polhill. There’s the annual tree planting with students from Brooklyn Primary School in June, but the main focus is at the Hoki Mai site, just below the Highbury Fling track. 

    An access route is going in over the next month, and volunteers will plant in the 2,000+ trees through July and August. Keep an eye on the BTB Facebook page for information on planting bees

    BTB has also bought 200 Rimu trees to be planted in Polhill Reserve during the next four years -– adding to the area’s biodiversity. The plants are currently growing in the ideal conditions of a shade house at the City Council's nursery. 

    Appreciative shout outs to:

    • Wellington City Council for both the Rimu tree project and providing a grant for retaining materials for the Hoki Mai access route
    • Mitre 10 Crofton Downs who’ve been very generous with discounts and helpful arrangements for the Hoki Mai site
    Brooklyn Trail Builders

  • 11 Apr 2018 3:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It’s been an action-packed month. 

    On the events front, it all began with the Dirt Merchants Polhill Enduro on April 1st. Wellington turned it on, and we were all treated to stunning day racing in the Capital. This past weekend kicked off in Miramar with the third Red Bull Pump Track World Champs Qualifier event, and unlike the previous weekend, Wellington reminded us why it's known as the Windy City. And on Sunday, a record number of riders turned out to race Makara Peak for the Kim Jong Un-duro.

    More on each of these below, and information about upcoming Wellington Enduro Series races seven and eight. We’ve also got information about discounts that Wellington MTB Club members can grab around the city and abroad. And to cap it off, some entertainment reminding us #WhyWellington is where it’s at.

    Dirt Merchants Polhill Enduro

    dirt merchants polhill enduro

    Photo: Dan Sharpe

    The annual Dirt Merchants Polhill Enduro has become a staple on the Wellington calendar. This year, over 150 riders turned out to race on closed public trails - a rare extravagance. Thanks to everyone that came out, including a good contingent from the Manawatu, and to our sponsors and volunteers for their continued support.

    Check results here

    Red Bull Pump Track World Champs Qualifier

    The Red Bull Pump Track tour visits cities all over the world, with winners at each venue scooping up a trip to Switzerland in September for the World Finals. Much to the excitement of local riders, the Velosolutions pump track in Miramar was selected as the venue for the New Zealand qualifier. The competition was hot, and spectators were treated to a show - the first of its kind in Wellington.

    Congratulations to Billy Meaclem of Christchurch, and Shanaia Rawson of Tauranga - each off to the big event in Switzerland.

    Shout out to Sydney Wainwright capturing the action. 

    Kim Jong Un-duro

    kim jong un-duro makara peak

    Photo: Lisa Ng

    Now in its fourth year, the satirical Makara Enduro last weekend hit a new peak (pun intended) with close to 200 riders pre-entering for the event, and raising close to $4,000 for the mountain bike park. But not before we had to overcome the tyranny of PayPal - read more on Chainslap.

    Check results here

    Revolve Super V

    revolve super v polhill

    Coming up on ANZAC Day, Wednesday 25th April - Revolve Cycling host their annual Super V in the Polhill Reserve, also the penultimate Wellington Enduro Series race. 

    As with the Dirt Merchants Enduro, this is rare opportunity to race on closed trails, normally shared with public. Competitors will also enjoy shuttles to the top for as many practice runs as possible, before a single timed run to Aro St.

    For more information and online registration, head to Revolve.

    Revolve are also seeking feedback on their membership structure, and would appreciate five minutes of your time to complete a short survey. If you're keen to help keep the Revolve movement alive and growing, take the survey here.   

    Wainui Enduro

    The final race in the 2018 Wellington Enduro Series will take place next month in Wainuiomata. The competition in some Series categories is running down to the wire, and could be decided on this race. Keep a close eye on Facebook and Instagram for an announcement shortly.  

    Club Member Discounts

    Cactus Outdoor, Capital Cycles & Burkes Cycles

    Local businesses play an important role in our community. They keep our bikes running when they’re run-down, keep us appropriately clothed when it’s cold, and provide us with a range of other important services to make sure we all get the most out of the time we have on our bikes. Please show your support.

    Cactus Outdoor, 241 Thorndon Quay

    At Cactus Outdoor, WMTBC Club Members now qualify for Cactus Pro-team Pricing. In-store, simply mention that you’re a WMTBC Member. Alternatively, shop for Cactus Clothing online, and simply email or phone to confirm your WMTBC Club Membership.

    Follow Cactus Outdoor: Instagram / Facebook

    Burkes Cycles, 16 Coutts St

    The team at Burkes Cycles have come on board with a generous offer for our members. Visit them in store for 10% off all non-sale product and bikes. Simply provide your name and email to confirm your Club Membership at the counter. Excludes labour, applies in-store only.  

    Follow Burkes Cycles: Instagram / Facebook

    Capital Cycles, 84 Dixon St

    To show their appreciation for your contribution - the friendly team at Capital Cycles offer 10% off parts and accessories for Club Members in store. At the counter, simply provide your name and email to confirm your Club Membership. Applies to non-sale items only, excludes labour and bikes.

    Follow Capital Cycles: Instagram / Facebook

    Kahuts Shuttes, Arapuke MTB Park

    A short two hour drive from Wellington lies the Arapuke Trails Mountain Bike Park. The expansive Arapuke network boasts 30 km of trails from beginner Grade 2, through to expert Grade 6. With thanks to Kahuts Shuttles - Wellington Mountain Bike Club members can now enjoy discounted shuttling in the park.


    • 5 pass / $25 (save $5)
    • 10 pass / $50 (save $5)
    • 20 pass / $90 (save $10)
    • 40 pass / $150 (save $10)


    • Sat & Sun 9.30am-4.30pm
    • New schedule from Sat 28th April - Sat 1.30pm-5.30pm, Sun 9.30am-4.30pm
    For bookings and more information head to Kahuts Shuttles.

    Bryn Dickerson shows us what’s on offer in Porirua 

    Follow: Bryn Dickerson / Joram Adams

    On the road with HighLow racing

  • 05 Apr 2018 3:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Pump up the volume! The party comes to town this Saturday with the third Red Bull Pump Track World Champs qualifier event.

    The stage is Miramar Track Project (map) and if you don’t know what to expect - take our word for it - this is not an event to be missed. But if you still need some convincing, check out the official video for the first qualifier event which went down last weekend in Bali.

    Registrations are open now at Red Bull but keep in mind there are a few criteria: minimum 20” wheel size, flat pedals only, and you must be at least 16 years old on the day of the event.

    For more information head over to the Facebook event page.

    Sam Blenkinsop on Pump Track by Sven Martin

    Pump Track Drop In Session - Friday 6th, 5pm

    JoyRide are hosting a session for anyone keen on figuring this pump thing out in advance of the day. If you’re interested in attending this free session, register your interest here

    We’d like to extend huge thanks to Velo Solutions NZ, Burkes Cycles, Wellington City Council, JoyRide, and the team at Miramar Track Project.

  • 21 Mar 2018 5:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Wellington's the place to be this April. We’ve got racing lined up throughout the month, including a qualifier event for the Red Bull Pump Track World Champs, and three opportunities to score Wellington Enduro Series points.

    Sun 1st April: Dirt Merchants Polhill Enduro, Polhill Reserve


    The Polhill Enduro is back for 2018, raising funds for new trail development and maintenance in the Polhill Reserve. We've got 4 excellent stages (or 2 if you're wanting an easier option), a shuttle to the top of the biggest stage, and the title of King and Queen of Polhill on the line.

    Thanks to Garage Project, Santa Cruz, ODI, Fox Racing Shox, and WORD.

    Sat 7th April: Red Bull Pump Track World Champs - NZ Qualifier, Miramar


    Hold the phone! We're hosting the New Zealand Qualification Round of the Red Bull Pump Track World Championships!

    Thanks to Burkes Cycles, Placemakers Evans Bay, and Joyride.

    Sun 8th April: Kim Jong Un-duro, Makara Peak


    Citizens of New Zealand - your venerable Supreme Leaders request your participation in the annual Kim Jong Un-duro.

    Mass start at Mud Cycles before setting off on the Easy Course (two stages on beginner and intermediate trails) or Hard Course (three stages on hard and expert trails) and completing your stages in any order.

    Keep an eye on the Facebook event page for information on how to win one of four Maxxis and Raceface prize packs.

    Thanks to Mud Cycles, Marleen Wholesalers, Garage Project, One Fat Bird, Chainslap, Egmont Seed Company, and Makara Peak Supporters.

    Wed 25th April: Revolve Super V, Polhill Reserve

    The annual Revolve Super V returns for 2018. Fun for women of all levels - you'll enjoy unlimited practice runs (with shuttle rides up the hill!) and there are heaps of prizes to run away with.

    Keep an eye on Revolve Cycling for more details.

    2018 Wellington Enduro Series

    There are three opportunities to score Wellington Enduro Series points in April: Dirt Merchants Polhill Enduro, Kim Jong Un-duro, and Revolve Super V. The Wainui Enduro (to be announced soon) is the final series race, and your last chance to get points on the board.

    For more information and provisional standings visit Wellington Enduro Series.

  • 31 Jul 2017 8:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With the exception of being injured, no time of the year is harder for mountain bikers than winter. Unless you have the good fortune of a holiday in the northern hemisphere, there is little reprieve from numb toes, and muddy socks. We soldier on, but deep down, we’re counting the days until September 1st.  That’s 30, by the way. Tick tock...

    With all the rain recently, the city’s trails have come through relatively unharmed. Cheers to all the hard working trail pixies out there every weekend in the cold, doing remedial work and cleaning up. Unfortunately there has been one notable casualty, Mystic Portal. But there’s a silver lining. More on that, and other news below.  

    WMTBC AGM -  Weds 2nd Aug, 6pm, Southern Cross

    Once a year, we like to get together somewhere fun, and reflect on the past 12 months. We also take this opportunity to acknowledge our hardest working volunteers, and appoint new roles on the committee.

    More information and registration here.  

    You’re all welcome! In fact, we encourage you to come along and get amongst the conversation. Even better, if you would like to get more involved in Wellington events and trails, there’s a spot for you on the committee.   

    Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more info. But mark on your calendar Wednesday 2nd August 6pm, Southern Cross, 39 Abel Smith St. If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian with you (it’s a licensed venue).

    2017 Wellington Enduro Series

    This year’s Wellington Enduro Series was a banger. Thanks to everyone that participated in the 6 race series. Full Series results can be found here.  

    Numbers were up across all races and the level of racing was notably higher than previous years. This also contributed to all-time high WMTBC Membership numbers, which goes straight back into making Wellington mountain biking great, through investment in new and existing trails, and new equipment like the new SPORTident timing system we’ve been running successfully all season.  

    It was excellent to see really strong participation in all categories including the Juniors and Women. We’re striving to create inclusive events for you all to push yourselves, and most importantly, have a rad time.  

    Thanks to everyone that’s given us feedback on the Series. We have taken a lot of this on board. And a massive thanks also to all the volunteers (organisers, marshals, drivers) that make these events possible.

    The 2018 Series kicks off with Mt Crawford on Wellington Anniversary Day, January 22nd, followed by Mt Victoria in early February.

    Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2017 Finalist

    A wee while back, we received an email from Wellington Airport, notifying us of our nomination for a Regional Community Award. This award “recognises the valuable contribution of volunteers to community groups across the Wellington Region”.

    The reward for all our hard working volunteers and regular contributors is the satisfaction of a trail project complete, and smiles on faces at a successful event. But this nomination is recognition of teamwork in our community, and its contribution to Wellington City.  

    The Community Awards ceremony is on August 10 at which point we’ll know how the Club got on. Keep an eye on Facebook.  

    Wellington Airport Regional Community Award Finalist

    DHNZ Downhill Series coming to Wellington!

    For the first time since the closure of Long Gully in 2015, we've got a round of the DHNZ Downhill Series coming to Wellington!

    We're more than stoked to be able to share the local scene with riders from all over the North Island (and a few from the South) in a round of what has become New Zealand's premier DH race series.

    The Wellington round will be held on the 18th of November, at K-Hole (behind Karori Park). Legend Mike Stirrat is leading the charge, adding a new top section to the track, and shaping it up for the race. And he could use your help.

    Keep an eye on Facebook for information about dig days in the near future.

    Brooklyn Trail Builders Update - A busy winter

    Local contractors recently completed the resurfacing of Transient, and through all the rain we’ve had lately, it is holding up very well. Windmill was also partially graveled, and the BTB crew have put a request in with WCC for more in September. A huge shout out to Wellington Marathon Clinic, who funded $10k for the project, about half the total.

    On the new tracks consultation which closed on 3 July, whose aim is to alleviate congestion on Transient. BTB would like to thank everyone who contributed to this. We are told the outcome is positive, but more will be known after a full Council meeting on 17 August, at which point we’ll let you know how they got on.

    It’s been a busy, successful winter’s planting for the Brooklyn Trail Builders – Polhill Protectors’ collaboration, with 2,000 trees going in at five main sites, and numerous other places. The annual Brooklyn Primary School planting has transformed the busy intersection of the Sawmill and Fenceline tracks. WCC will soon further enhance this area by removing a section of intruding fence and improving the directional signs.

    Other groups that have helped clear and plant areas are the Wellington Runners’ Meetup Group, the Conservation Volunteers, and some local riders and runners celebrating a 50th birthday together. A public planting for BTB and Polhill Protectors’ volunteers successfully infilled the scrubby area at the bottom of Clinical.

    Other achievement of note was that the first rimu were planted in Polhill. Rimu were prominent in the original forest of this area and this was the first year this species was available from the WCC nursery. Lots more to come. BTB have purchased a further 200 rimu seedlings to grown on and plant out in about four years.

    Mystic Portal update - Temporary closure

    The recent foul weather wasn’t nearly as catastrophic for our trails as past weather events. Unfortunately though, a number of trees came down in and around Prince of Wales Park, resulting in the closure of trails in the area, most notably - Mystic Portal.   

    Jourdan, Eugene and the crew have done incredible work in there, and the Council has really come on board to support further development of the area.

    We ask that you please stay clear of the area until the Council have been through, and repairs have been carried out. This work will take several weeks, but word from Council is that it may result in some fresh dirt on site for an alternative line, and to improve the existing line.   

    Wheels4Life Guatemala Project

    This update via one of our members - Davide Yakuza, who spent the last few months fundraising to support kids in the developing world through the Wheels4Life Project. This past week, Davide presented a fleet of bikes to kids in Antigua. Congratulations, mate!   

    “I would like to massively thank the Welly MTB Community for the support given in the Wheels4Life project. Today I had the huge honour of donating 50 bikes to the EFTC (Education For The Children) school in Antigua to students who have difficulty reaching school. It was stoking to see the smile and the happiness of these kids and guys and how much the teachers and managers of this school were amazed with the donation. And this is all because of you guys!!!”

    Wheels4Life Guatemala

    More information on the Wheels4Life Project here.

    Enjoy a WMTBC Member discount at Burkes Cycles, Capital Cycles, and Cactus Outdoor

    We’re very lucky here in Wellington, that we have local business who love to support the mountain biking community. Thanks to the following businesses, Wellington MTB Club Members receive discounts in store - the shop’s way of saying thanks for supporting Wellington Mountain Biking.

    At Cactus Outdoor, WMTBC Club Members qualify for the Cactus Pro-Team discount. Benefits include trade pricing, preferential repair and alteration services, and access to other special offers from time to time. In-store at 241 Thorndon Quay, simply mention that you’re a WMTBC Member. Alternatively, shop for Cactus Clothing online, and simply email or phone to confirm your WMTBC Club Membership.

    The team at Burkes Cycles have just come on board with an offer for our members. Visit them in store at 16 Coutts St, Kilbirnie for 10% off all non-sale product and bikes. Excludes labour, in-store only. At the counter, simply provide your name and email to confirm your Club Membership.

    To show their appreciation for your contribution - the team at Capital Cycles (corner Victoria & Dixon Streets) offer 10% off parts and accessories for Club Members in store. Applies to non-sale items only. Excludes labour, and bikes. At the counter, simply provide your name and email to confirm your Club Membership.

    Please support Wellington's local retailers

    Wellington Retailers Cactus Outdoor, Capital Cycles, Burkes Cycles

  • 03 Feb 2017 12:00 PM | Dave

    Here's to the unsung hero's who without their selfless contribution, there would be no events for the rest of us to enjoy.

    Before the big day, before you look at the weekend's forecast, countless hours are put into each and every little detail by event co-ordinators to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    New lines are pondered – then before a spade hits the soil, Trail Managers work with the local council to get approval.

    Then the big day arrives and before you've woken from your pre-race nap, the volunteers are on-site, setting up the event village, marking the track and getting briefed to herd cats.

    Volunteers are human as well. Coffee is their morning drink of choice.

    Track marshals keep a watchful eye over the riders, herd the public away from danger and get help to you when you wreak yourself.
    It's often the track marshals who pull all the track tape down and take it off the hill – so be sure to thank them.

    Shuttle van drivers get both you and your prize possession to the top of the hill, all well keeping up a good amount of friendly banter.

    While you're having a yarn with your mates and drinking a cold one, event co-ordinators are busy collating results and getting everything ready for prize giving.

    We like to look after our volunteers, so we love it when sponsors get behind us and offer us freebies to give to the hard working event volunteers.

    Your club needs you!

    WMTBC always have events on the horizon, so be sure to put your hand up, lend a hand and volunteer at one of our events. After all, there would be no events if it wasn't for the unsung hero's that are our volunteers.

    Contact our Secretary to find out how you can help out.
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