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Escape from Mt Crawford Enduro results

30 Apr 2023 3:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday for the 2023 Escape from Mt Crawford Enduro. We had a great day, and hope that you did as well.

By the close of racing, Jesse Cseh was our King of the Cellblock with a on-the-day fastest time of 8:27.16, and Lara Comesky our Queen of the Cellblock in a time of 9:52.66.

A frankly surprising number of people put their hands up for the sufferfest climb, many of whom looked like they were regretting their early morning decision making at the top of Jailbrake. The fastest (non-e-bike) up the hill was Jesse in a time of 4:41.31 (only a little over double what many people took to ride down the trail), and fastest woman was Lizzie Varley in a very respectable 7:57.54. Iain Coughlan used boost mode most effectively to make it up the hill in 3:55:35.

We've loaded full results onto the Welly MTB Club's WebScorer page.

Results for the Felony course can be found here. The stages for each lap are:

  1. Conviction
  2. Jailbrake
  3. Solitary

Results for the Misdemeanour course can be found here. The stages for each lap are:

  1. Conviction
  2. Jailbrake (fastest time)
  3. Jailbrake (second-fastest time)

Results for the Sufferfest climb can be found here.

And I've dug through the timing system and have found the results for the pumptrack challenge, which can be found here. Congratulations to Kiera Vlaar, who did (at least) 10 attempts.
I've sorted the results by the fastest time (which shows as the "race time") - it looks like there were some people who took a rather loose interpretation of what "skateboarding" meant, with times that look remarkably like "I'm going to run across the grass between the timing gates"   All of your attempts will appear as laps. Congratulations to Reuben Smith who showed that M50 is where it's at if you want to get consistently fast (and non-cheaty) times.

Finally, we've updated the results for the overall in the 2023 Wellington Enduro Series. There are some rather close point totals, and it's all there for you data geeks to trawl through. We'll be arranging an end-of-season shindig, so look out for an update on that soon.

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