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Unsung heros of events – A Photo Story

03 Feb 2017 12:00 PM | Dave

Here's to the unsung hero's who without their selfless contribution, there would be no events for the rest of us to enjoy.

Before the big day, before you look at the weekend's forecast, countless hours are put into each and every little detail by event co-ordinators to ensure everything runs smoothly.

New lines are pondered – then before a spade hits the soil, Trail Managers work with the local council to get approval.

Then the big day arrives and before you've woken from your pre-race nap, the volunteers are on-site, setting up the event village, marking the track and getting briefed to herd cats.

Volunteers are human as well. Coffee is their morning drink of choice.

Track marshals keep a watchful eye over the riders, herd the public away from danger and get help to you when you wreak yourself.
It's often the track marshals who pull all the track tape down and take it off the hill – so be sure to thank them.

Shuttle van drivers get both you and your prize possession to the top of the hill, all well keeping up a good amount of friendly banter.

While you're having a yarn with your mates and drinking a cold one, event co-ordinators are busy collating results and getting everything ready for prize giving.

We like to look after our volunteers, so we love it when sponsors get behind us and offer us freebies to give to the hard working event volunteers.

Your club needs you!

WMTBC always have events on the horizon, so be sure to put your hand up, lend a hand and volunteer at one of our events. After all, there would be no events if it wasn't for the unsung hero's that are our volunteers.

Contact our Secretary to find out how you can help out.

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