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Brooklyn Trail Builders Get Huge Boost From Transpower

30 Oct 2013 5:47 PM | Russel
We’re very happy to formally announce that Transpower have made a significant financial contribution to the development of trails in the Polhill Reserve, Wellington. This news comes after the hard working team at Brooklyn Trail Builders in conjunction with the Wellington Mountain Bike Club, submitted an application to Transpower for their CommunityCare Fund. 

The Fund provides one-off grants to community projects along the national grid’s route and to communities that are affected by new Transpower projects. 

Over the coming years, the funding granted to Brooklyn Trail Builders will contribute to the development of a new trail ‘Clinical’ in addition to the planting of natives and investigating routes for further trails in the Polhill Reserve. 

The Trail Builders’ long term vision for the area which is situated between the Aro Street and the end of Windmill Road, Brooklyn, is the development of an extensive trail network. The Reserve is already a staple for locals and those travelling into the region due to its close proximity to the central city and the trail access it provides to Brooklyn, and other trails extending further South. 

Looking to the future, Brooklyn Trail Builders’ Craig Starnes believes the project will be a positive contributor to the local economy through recreation tourism, that working with local schools provides opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience, and that planting can improve biodiversity within the Reserve. 

In the shorter term, the benefit to Wellington trail users is variety. Combined with existing trails Transient and Highbury Fling, Clinical will complete a Grade 3 ‘Grand Loop’ of the Reserve. The approximately 7km complete loop will allow cyclists, runners and walkers to travel in both directions, with multiple access points and numerous opportunities to take in the Reserve’s unique scenery.   

Construction on Clinical began in July and is set for completion late 2014. In the meantime, the Trail Builders are underway with other projects including a Grade 4 mountain bike only trail Serendipity, which is nearing completion.

In light of the successful application, Craig reiterates the importance of funding for projects like Polhill Reserve and the successful Transpower application highlights how community-based initiatives rely on support from the community, and local Government. 

Brooklyn Trail Builders and the Wellington Mountain Bike Club would like to thank Transpower, Wellington Marathon Clinic, Wellington City Council, and the businesses and groups that supported the application. Special thanks also to the regular and corporate volunteers for all their hard work on the ground. 


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