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Track Closure - Mystical Portal for Tree Removal

09 Sep 2013 9:57 AM | Russel
ust got this from the council. Following the July storm, the tree team will be in there removing many of trees. The track will be closed for up to three weeks.

Good news is that at the end of this, we have been promised some digger time that Eugene will put to good use reinstating the track. So please be patient, this doesn't effect long term access to the track.


Removal of Fallen and Storm Damaged Trees: Prince of Wales Park

This letter is to let you know that the storm damaged and fallen pine and macrocarpa trees will soon be removed from above Hutchison Road as part of the City Council’s storm clean up work.

Some of the standing trees will also be removed as they are at risk from new wind loadings and are a hazard to park users and the road (see Map over page).

This work will be carried out by our contractors, Treescape. It will commence on Tuesday 10 September and should take three weeks, weather permitting.

Machinery will be used during the removal and the tracks in the area will be closed.

The site will be accessed from the Salisbury Terrace entrance to Prince of Wales Park.

The timber and wood recovered from the trees will be removed from site and all other wood will be placed through a large mulching machine. There will not be any firewood available to the public.

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