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Wellington MTB Club Annual General Meeting

  • 07 Aug 2014
  • 6:30 PM
  • Catalyst Presentation Space, Level 3, Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street.


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Notice to all members of the Wellington Mountain Bike Club's AGM. 

Venue Level 3, Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street. 

Club members, this is your opportunity to review what has happened in the past year, the plans for next year and beyond and to elect in the new committee. 


 6:30pm  Pizza
 7:00pm  Meeting Start
   Minutes of last AGM
   President's Report
   Treasurer's Report
   Election of Officers
   Plan for 2013/2014 Year
   Updates to the constitution (see below)
   Long Gully access update 
   Other business
(if you have an item you wish to discuss, please contact the Club Secretary secretary -at- wmtbc.org.nz with details so we can add this to the agenda). 
 8:30ish  Movie

The Annual report including the financial statement will be circulated at the AGM. 

Nominations for Officers

At the AGM, there will be a call for nominations and voting in of the officers of the club. At the first committee meeting after the AGM, the officers will establish a committee (in accordance with the constitution). 

For a role description, including expected time commitments, please follow the link for each position below. 

Officer Positions and current nominations:

 Position  Nominations
 President  David Preece (nom by R Garlick)
 Secretary  Russel Garlick (nom by D Preece)
 Treasurer  Karin Mackie (nom by D Preece)

If you would like to nominate yourself, or another person for an officer position, please email your nomination to  the Club Secretary secretary -at- wmtbc.org.nz. If you are nominating another person for a role, please cc in this person and confirm that they are happy to be nominated. 

Committee Make Up

The committee is made up of:
  • The officers (as above)
  • Trail leaders (as appointed by the committee - see below)
  • At least two other ordinary committee members.
Trail Leaders
Trail leaders are appointed positions. They are not voted in at the AGM. Trail leaders are invited to attend committee meetings, but may choose not to. 

Ordinary Committee Members 
There are a number of crucial roles that are fulfilled by Ordinary Committee members that the club looks to fill at the AGM. 

Position  Nominations
 Memberships Coordinator
  • Dan Smith
  • Mat Wright
 Trailer Manager
  •  John Whale
 Long Gully Manager
  • Tony Harvie
 Events Manager
  •  John Whale 
  • (but also seeking other nominations)
 Funding Coordinator
  •  (seeking nominations)
 Marketing Coordinator (new role)
  • Aidan Forrest

The officers will appoint a number of ordinary committee members without a specific role at the first committee meeting of the year. If a club member would like to be a member of the committee, they are encouraged to express this interest at the AGM. 

Constitution Changes

The current committee has proposed the following changes to the club's consitution. 

Resolution 1 
In rule 7.1: delete the word “The” at the start of the rule and insert the word “These” in its place; and
delete the words “written notice” and insert the defined term “Written Notice” in their place:

7.1 The These rules may be amended, added to, or rescinded by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at an AGM or Special General Meeting where 14 days’ written notice Written Notice of such amendment, addition or rescinding motion has been given to every financial member of the Club.

Resolution 2 
Delete the word “professional” from rule 10.4:

No member or person associated with a member of the Club shall derive any income or financial benefit or advantage from the Club except where that income, benefit, or advantage is derived from professional services to the Club authorised by the Committee in the course of business charged at no greater rate than current market rates.

Resolution 3 
Insert the following new rule 10.5:
Committee members shall receive such honoraria as may be set by resolution at an AGM.

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